Now offering Delivery & Curbside Pickup.

$3 Delivery Charged. We will pretty much go anywhere, but if you are really far, be patient and kind to your driver. 

If you can do curbside, please do, as we only have one driver per shift.

Seasonal Drinks

These are the current specials running for the season!

Cinnamon Pumpkin Latte

Gimmie S'More

Apple Cider Latte

Butter Latte

Colossal Mocha NumNum

Chai Lattes (Vanille or Regular)

Can be served hot, cold, or frozen, unless otherwise specified. Ask your barista what's best!

Breakfast Treats


Choice of Toppings: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, or Almond.



Cream Cheese or Butter


Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, or Scones


Hot Coffee

                              Small            Large 

Bad Coffee "Slow Drip"

      2.00        3.00 


           3.00         3.90

House Latte

           3.70          4.60

Flatwhite or Cortado

            3.75         ------

Traditional Cappuccino

            4.25         ------

Chips come with any drink and lunch item purchase.


Sandwich, Salad, or Flatbread

Meats: Ham, Turkey, BBQ Chicken, Korean Beef/Pork, Bacon, Pepperoni


Bread Choices: Pretzel, Ciabatta, Onion, Brioche
Sauces: BBQ, Avocado, Ranch, Marinara, Alfredo, Sesame Ginger, Balsamic, Cilantro Lime, Caesar, and Sun Dried Tomato

Extra Toppings

Green Onions, Artichoke, Feta Cheese, Avocado, Mushrooms, Almonds, Ham, Bacon, Italian Herbs, Tomatoes, Parmesan Flakes, Sriracha

+ $.25 Each

Extra Meat

+ $1.25 Each

Specialty Recipes
Cali Turkey Bacon
Korea BBQ
BBQ Chicken
Vegan Veggie Salad
Kris' LEAN Salad
Keto Salad
Spicy Porker Sandwich
Grilled Cheese
Apple Wheatberry Couscous Salad

$6 - 10.25


100% Juices


Brix Sodas


Canned Sodas


Ginger Beer


Sparkling Water


Mokit "Dirty" Mocha

            4.40         4.90

Peppermint Delight

            4.40         4.90

Cold Coffee

                            Small            Large 

Iced Coffee

      3.00         3.90

Iced Iced Coffee

     -----          4.75

Ferris Coffee Co. Cold Brew

      4.00         -----

Not Coffee

Small            Large 

Chai Latte

      3.80         4.30


     3.30         3.80

Hot Teas

     3.50         -----

Tea Latte

     3.50         -----

Add Matcha

Add Flavoring



Breakfast                           $3.25-$6.00

Giant Muffins & Assorted Pastries
Bagels (Asiago, Everything, Plain)

Breakfast Sandwiches (Add Meat & Cheese)
Waffles (Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Almond, Poppy Seed, Cinnamon Oat)

Additional Toppings ($.25 each)
Whipped Cream, Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Raspberry Preserves, Powdered Sugar, Peanut Butter, Nutella, Strawberry Syrup, Various Candy Chips, Sprinkles