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Mission Statement

Blush Theatre Company strives to multiply local opportunities for creative growth and theatrical

engagement as a way of expanding our concept of community.

Blush Theater Company History

The Blush Theater Company began in 2018 as group of people brought together by the Highland Blush

space and it’s proprietor, Damian Sanderson. We were interested in bringing a special theater

experience to our small town, a town with a big history of the arts, including theater. What was missing,

we saw, was an opportunity for small theater productions in an intimate space, where actors and

directors have a smaller commitment than the big production done in our local community theater. We

envisioned a place that offered something different, to compliment the dramatic offerings our

community, someplace where new performers could try a new thing with a small commitment. We

wanted to offer a special place for local playwrights to share their works. Towards this end we have

made two productions the centerpiece of our year; The fall dinner theater and the spring Festival of

Short Plays for a Small Stage. In the spring of 2020 we formalized our organization by putting together a

Board of Directors, developing bylaws and a mission statement. We are in the process of becoming an

official nonprofit organization in the state of Michigan.

Past productions:

Fall of 2018 Mystery Dinner Theater (Damian should have details of this event) Written by Joshua Zeitler

May of 2019 Festival of Short Plays for a Small Stage, featuring works by local playwrights and CMU

students, including:

Space Inside My Head by Michelle Lucchesi

Quack Therapy by Joshua Zeitler

House Upon the Sand, by Scott Henze

Earth's Trump by Michelle Lucchesi

Battle of Wits by Diamond Neph

Apollo General Hospital by Theresa Polgar

Enlightenment by Shelagh Stephenson, adapted by Damian David Sanderson

June 2019 “Join the Healing Dance: A Benefit for Kathy Francis” featuring over a hundred local

and world class choreographers, dancers, vocalist, poets and storytellers in 27 performance

pieces, in honor of a local dance teacher and community leader.

November 2019 “Fredrick’s Demise; A Victorian Dinner Theater” by local playwright Diana